Cooking Snow Crabs

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For those of you who find joy in preparing and eating seafood, treat yourself with snow crabs the next time you are out to have seafood. The snow crabs are more tender than the other kinds of crabs, possessing more meat on their inside. Their preparation is easy, and it is not a hard task to clean the crabs. To get more details about Snow Crab, click Preparation of snow crabs will need you to purchase some items. The requirements include the snow crabs, garlic, salt, butter and a few other spices that you may find in the grocery.

Once you have all the ingredients with you, get to the kitchen and place a large pot containing two inches thick of water on the fire. Add a pinch of salt into the water and cover it to boil faster. Get the crab legs and have them put in the pot of boiling water then cover it till the water gets to its boiling point once again. Have the crab legs steamed for about ten minutes to make sure they cook well. These steamed crab legs will be very hot and therefore, should be handled with extreme care to prevent any accidents, and set them at a place to cool down.

With everything else set, begin to prepare the dipping source. One can do this during the boiling process or when the legs are cooling. Crush some of the garlic and mix it with the butter in a bowl safe to be placed in the microwave. Have the mixture put in the microwave until you get the butter melted. One is free to add more spices to the combination of melted butter and crushed ginger such as pepper, salt, or any other preferred spices. Having that done, you will have prepared the dipping source for your snow crabs.

The other task ahead will be cracking the legs of the crabs. It can be a bit hard at the beginning, but after several tries, you will be used to having it done. You have to get all the meat out of those legs, and will be easier to use a nutcracker to crack the legs and get the flesh inside exposed. Read more about Snow Crab from info. Many have confessed that this meat is usually soft and sweet when eaten. Place the meat into the butter mixture, which is the source earlier prepared. Serve the meat on a table covered with newspaper to avoid a bad mess and also make it easy to clean up after the meal. Place an empty bowl at the center place for those enjoying the meal to put the empty crab legs in. Learn more from


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